Sunday 21 November 2010

Auto Resizing OBJECT and EMBED videos for display on import

Importing Videos from feeds into blogs

I have done a lot of work lately updating the popular WP-O-MATIC wordpress plugin that auto imports content into Wordpress blogs from feeds.

Mainly this is because the plugin is no longer supported having been taken over by the product WP Robot which seems to be based on the original source but with a lot more features.

One of the main things I find myself doing is having to resize videos so that they fit into my content which is 520 px wide. If you are importing content from various other blogs you can never guarantee that the videos will always be of a similar size and if you want your blog to look nice and not have scrollbars everywhere then the best way is to reformat the imported content so that any videos are resized to your desired dimensions.

As Wordpress and WP-O-Matic is PHP I use the preg_replace function to accomplish this using the callback function to handle the formatting. It looks for OBJECT or EMBED tags where the width is over 500px and if any are found I resize to 500 * 375 (4*3 ratio).

The function is below.

$content = preg_replace_callback("@(<(?:object|embed|param)[\s\S]+?width=['\"])(\d+)(['\"][\s\S]+?>)@i",
'if($matches[2] > 500){
$res = preg_replace("@ height=[\'\"]\d+[\'\"]@i"," height=\"375\"",$matches[1] . "500" .$matches[3]);
$res = $matches[1] . $matches[2] .$matches[3];
return $res;'),$content);