Friday 15 February 2019

Do You Want Multiple Wickr Accounts?

How to get another Wickr Account To Work

By Strictly-Software

If you are like me you might have an Android phone with Wickr the encrypted chat app installed on it.

However if you have been blocked by someone, locked out, forgotten your password or just want another Wickr account it's not easy as Wickr is tied to your Google account and device and if you try and install it from Google Play Store on a different device it will just say "Already Installed". 

You have to either remove the app from your phone and start again or use a different phone with a different Google Account linked to it as Google Play always knows what devices you have installed and which apps are on it.

I tried the obvious route first, use an Android Emulator such as NOX, and then created a new Google Account and Email address and then went to the PlayStore to download Wickr. The only thing was the link was broken and it kept sending me to an error page.

I tried downloading the APK file from a site I searched for Wickr Download APK, but even after installing it, it got to the 99% of "encrypting your device" e.g my NOX Emulator on Windows 8.1, and just hung forever.

Therefore I couldn't get the emulator to work. I could have installed another one but whats the point of slowing down a PC with multiple Android emulators just to watch free TV from Navisport etc?

Therefore I actually did a search for "Download Wickr For Windows 8.1" and all I got were help articles telling me to download further emulators and then install from Google Play. This was obviously a no go.

Therefore I actually tried the following which did work on Windows 8.1 from this link.

The Windows 10 link is the first one on the left. The rest are APK, Mac and IOS files.

To install on a Windows 8.1 machine do the following, without the need for an Android Emulator.
  1. Create a new Google Account, username, password, add it to the 12 you already have.
  2. Log out of any Google account you might be in e.g especially if you are using Chrome.
  3. Go to this link
  4. Select "Windows - For use with Windows 10"  and download the application.
  5. Install the MSI file called WickrMe-5.4.3.msi.
  6. It may take a while but it should start to install, even on Windows 8.1.
  7. Once installed, create a new Wickr account and username.
  8. Find your old contacts and start chatting from your laptop or PC.

It works for me, so it should work for you, don't spend hours trying to getting your emulator to install an APK file that just hangs. Try the Windows 10 Desktop MSI file first.

By Strictly-Software