Sunday 5 April 2009

Problems with Firebug and raised errors

Firebug raising false errors or incorrect line numbers

I have noticed recently that Firebug seems to be giving me unhelpful error reports and it seems to be happening more and more. By unhelpful I mean in the way Internet Explorer used to when an error was raised with an invalid or incorrect line number. I always thought Firebug was pretty spot on for error reporting but it seems that within the last month or so I have been getting quite a lot of errors in the console that say the problem is in file X and on line 120 but in fact after stepping through the problem the problem is actually in file Z and on line 45. Sometimes the error details that are reported in the console do not correspond exactly to those in the standard error console and a lot of the time errors that appear in Firebugs console do not appear in the standard error console.

Possible Causes to spurious error messages

Conflict with Firefox Add-Ons

I have found problems in the past with certain Firefox add-ons that raise errors constantly or intermittently. One such add-on is the user-agent switcher which always raises a 
UserAgentButton is null error and another add on which is a brilliant add-on for Search Engine Optimisation called the SEO Toolbar keeps raising the following error s4fToolbar_cache is undefined.

Both of these errors disappear once the add-on has been disabled or in the case of the SEO toolbar you can turn it off without having to restart your browser. I have quite a number of add-ons on my work PC and due to my experience of errors related to add-ons I wouldn't rule out some sort of clash that is generating incorrect error details. 

Syntax Problems

I have found that sometimes when there are compilation errors usually due to missing or incorrect brackets then the error can be reported incorrectly. If a function hasn't been closed correctly due to a missing bracket then the calling function can sometimes be identified as the erroring function. However a large number of the errors I am getting invalid details for do not meet this criteria.

Firefox or Firebug installations

Within the last couple of months I have had upgrades of both Firefox and Firebug so it maybe that some problem within the application is causing the invalid error details.

If anyone else has found similar issues recently with their Firebug installation it would be good to hear about it. As my colleagues also use Firefox and Firebug but without the various add-ons I have installed do not have these problems it means at the moment I am of the opinion the problem is most likely due to some sort of clash between add-ons as I cannot see such a problem not being spotted and resolved before any upgraded version of Firebug being released. I came to expect this sort of behaviour from IE and it was just understood by everyone that you couldn't get a proper error message when you needed one so its a tad annoying to say the least for me to start experiencing this issue with Firefox.

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