Sunday, 25 October 2009

Google Chrome Unresponsive

Googles Chrome Browser Raising Page Unresponsive Errors

Today I have just come across an intermittent problem with the latest version of Google Chrome which has meant that the browser opens correctly but then freezes when trying to load any page including the homepage.

I first had this problem this morning and thought it was down to a slow connection but all my other browsers worked fine. After a while of spinning around Chrome pops up a little pop up box saying that a page (unnamed) has become unresponsive and you can either close it or wait. Choosing either option does nothing at all.

I have scanned my system with multiple virus checkers and all seems fine.

I have also re-installed Chrome three times now. The first time I re-installed the program run okay up until I rebooted later on then the same problem came back. Now I am just getting the unresponsive messages on starting up the browser.

I don't know what the problem is and I also haven't got a solution yet so if anyone has similar issues please let me know. I can still access the web with FireFox, IE, Opera and Safari but I tend to use Chrome for all my pure web surfing so I would really like this browser back working well as I have really got to love using it over the last year.


Alex said...

I am having the EXACT same problem. Please help! Chrome is by far the best browsers out there and it would really suck if things were simply too good to be true for this browser. Someone find a way to make things get back to normal!

Anonymous said...

me too exactly the same. would rather not go back to using firefox all the time to be honest chrome was brilliant.

Gill said...

Also the same. Have really enjoyed using Chrome, but am back with Firefox, just to get stuff done without wasting time every sesssion. Any suggestions?

R Reid said...

Well I currently am using Google Chrome and haven't had the unresponsive popups for a while. However I have found on a number of times especially with lots of Chrome tabs open that I would go to a page and the whole browser would freeze and the only remedy is to shut the whole app down and restart it.

This is odd as I thought one of the good points about Chrome was that every tab was going to run in its own process so things like this wouldn't happen. Looking at the CPU/Memory at the time of this reveals nothing at all so I have no idea what the problem is.

I am still using Chrome but I have noticed it getting these freezes more and more often. I just hope its nothing to do with their new support for add-ons as that would be a shame.

All I can suggest is constant reboots.

Omar said...

I am stuck with the same problem, chrome does not load any page. In the meantime, I get back to IE and Firefox, but I'm worried about this error.

Adam said...

I have been having this problem for the past 2 days, this sucks. Chrome worked awesome.

Peter π said...

This problem still exists. Noticed however this comment page loaded quickly. Any fixes available yet?