Sunday 27 December 2009

Reasons why Google Chrome is a great Browser

A list of reasons why Google Chrome is a great Browser

Ever since Google introduced Chrome I have been using it all the time for surfing the net. I had been using FireFox purely for the standards compliance, speed and features but then the more features that were added the slower it got.

I still use FireFox for development and its rich library of plugins and you can speed it up by following the tweaks listed in my Increasing FireFox Performance article. However when I just want to surf the net, watch movies or read articles Chrome is the browser I choose. Here are some reasons why.

  • Reason 1 Chrome is great > It's simple to use and not full of features that are purely there for marketing but you never use. It does the job simply and it does it well.
  • Reason 2 Chrome is great > The Bookmark bar is great for storing quick links to your favourite sites.
  • Reason 3 Chrome is great > It's Fast. It's fast to startup and fast to load pages. It's JavaScript engine is also fast and solid its less forgiving than FireFox that could be considered a good thing or a bad thing depending on how sloppy your code is.
  • Reason 4 Chrome is great > It's Easy to surf in a semi private mode e.g Incognito browsing any cookies are destroyed after browsing and no download or browsing history is kept.
  • Reason 5 Chrome is great > The inbuilt developer tools are pretty good. The Developer console offers a good debugger, JavaScript console, DOM viewer and element inspector.
  • Reason 6 Chrome is great > Its standards compliant.
  • Reason 7 Chrome is great > It now has support for add-ons and plugins so can compete with FireFox for great features. Turn off adverts and flash by default to speed up load time even more. Read my article on Google Chrome plugins for more details.


Denzel Butler said...

I completely agree with your opinion and think that Google Chrome is the best browser that people ever made! Its fast, reliable, user-friendly - what can be better? Here link where you always can find the lastes version of this miracle.

Unknown said...

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