Friday 6 August 2010

Techies Law - Definition

The definition of Techies Law

In a similar vein to "Murphys Law" which states if something can go wrong it will I have over the last two days experienced multiple occurrences of what I call "Techies Law" which all developers should be well aware of even if they haven't heard the term described as such.

The law is pretty simple and states that
If you have spent considerable time trying to resolve a bug in your code, technical problem or other such computer related issue and you finally resort to asking for help from a colleague or support team member. You can be rest assured that when you go to show said person the problem in action it has miraculously resolved itself. You are then derided for either being a numpty and/or wasting their precious time for no reason.
Obviously Techies Law often leaves developers looking foolish in front of their colleagues but I have decided to utilise this unfathomable law of nature to my own benefit.

Every time I now have a problem with my network connection or a bug in my code I need fixing instead of spending a long time trying to fix it myself I will now only spend a quarter of the usual amount of time I do before asking for help and in doing so I usually find the issue magically resolving itself.

The knack to this tactic is to make sure the person you ask for help is not someone who is able to rip the piss out of you and is someone who won't mind being pestered for such a reason otherwise you could find yourself being the subject of many jokes.

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Frank Davis said...

I like it!

Although I have never heard it described as "techies law" I have come across this weird unfathomable law of nature many a time during my 20 years of development.