Saturday, 11 September 2010

Strictly System Checker - Wordpress Plugin

Updated Wordpress Plugin - Strictly System Check

Ensure your Wordpress site is up 24/7 and be kept informed when it isn't without even having to touch your server or install monitoring software with this Wordpress plugin I created.

I have just released version 1.0.2 which has some major new features including:

The option to check for fragmented indexes and to carry out an automated re-index using the OPTIMIZE command.

And most importantly I have migrated some of the key features that MySQL performance monitoring scripts such as MySQLReport use to the plugin so that you can now be kept informed of:
  • MySQL Database Uptime
  • No of connections made since last restart, connections per hour.
  • The no of aborted connections.
  • No of queries made since last restart, queries per hour.
  • The percentage of queries that are flagged as slow.
  • The number of joins being carried out without indexes.
  • The number of reads and writes.
You can find out more about this very useful plugin at my main site:

It's a plugin I created out of necessity and one that has been 100% useful in keeping my site running and on those occasions it's not I get to know about it before anyone complains.


Hendrik said...

I would like to use this pluginn, but it is not working: Fatal error: Call to undefined function ShowDebug() in /public/sites/ on line 1033

Cannot figure out what I am doing wrong here.

R Reid said...

Where are you downloading it from? I have just taken a look at the source code up on the wordpress SVN >>

And I can see no mention of ShowDebug which is an old function I used for outputting debug. If you download the latest version from Wordpress it should work. Either that or rename the ShowDebug function to whatever it is I am using in that class (I think its something like ShowSysDebug)

That should fix it

Laurent said...

Sadly this plugin has not been updated since december 2010...

R Reid said...

Your point being?

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