Saturday 1 January 2011

Strictly Tweetbot Wordpress Plugin

Automatically post tweets to multiple accounts with Strictly Tweetbot for Wordpress

If you are a frequent Wordpress and Twitter user then you might be interested in one of my plugins I have developed for Wordpress called Strictly Tweetbot. This plugin is ideal for news aggregators or auto blogging sites which need to run 24/7 and maintain an online presence across multiple spheres with little oversight.

Most people who make use of Twitter will post a message or two about new articles and it is a great way of getting content indexed quickly as you will see from my own investigation dozens of bots, SERPs and social media scrapers will visit your content as soon as a link is posted on Twitter.

Whilst there are many Twitter based plugins already available for Wordpress I found that they didn't really meet all the requirements that my own auto blogging sites required which were:

  • The ability to post to multiple twitter accounts
  • The ability to post different messages to different accounts
  • The ability to post multiple messages to the same account
  • The ability to decide whether or not to post to an account by checking the content of the message. For example I have an IT related Twitter account and on a certain site I only want to post messages to that account if the article in question contained certain IT keywords.
  • The ability to convert post tags or categories into hash tags
  • Using the new OAuth method of authenticating Twitter accounts without having to register each blog that uses the plugin as an application and consumer.
  • And of course the ability to automatically shorten the URLs

As I didn't require some of the other features such as the ability to post a tweet from my home page or create daily or weekly twitter digest posts I came up with my own plugin Strictly Tweetbot.

Used on its own it's great for auto blogging but when combined with my Strictly Auto Tags plugin that finds new tags within articles it means all my tweets have relevant hash tags appended to them.

Another nice feature is the reporting tool that enables you to view from the admin panel the last messages that were posted by the plugin as well as any potential problems with Twitter.

You can download the latest version of the plugin from Wordpress at:

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Laurent said...

Very intersting but as I have been hacked before I've got one question : did you get a security audit of your plugins ?

Rob Reid said...

Well all the code uses the Wordpress functions for saving, retrieving SQL so if you have kept your Wordpress version up to date their shouldn't be a problem and if there is then it is on Wordpress' side not my plugins.

In all reality I think Wordpress should be written properly to use Stored Procedures and proper ADO like frameworks for submitting CRUD queries to the database e.g only giving execute permission to the user connecting to the DB and then even if a SELECT statement wasn't sanitised properly (as it seems PHP/Wordpress developers like using string based client side SQL) then it wouldn't cause an sql injection attack anyway.

This is how I set up my own MS SQL / .NET systems as it is much more secure than allowing UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT sql statments to be passed into the database from the front end AS wordpress (and most PHP/MySQL sites do)

I hope that answers your question.