Thursday 17 May 2012

Update to the Twitter Hash Tag Scanner Application

This is just a note to anyone who has already bought or thinking of buying my Twitter Hash Tag Scanner application from my site.

I have just updated the code so that it gets round the new Twitter follower blocking actions they have implemented. If you have purchased it you might have noticed lately that you were getting the value 0 for all the accounts followers. This is because Twitter had changed the format of their source code.

The new version should get round this change and return correct follower counts.

If you have already purchased the application (and I know if you have from my list of payments) then you can request a new version for free.

Otherwise feel free to pay the small fee of £10 to obtain such a brilliant SEO and Social Media analysis application from my website:


architect software said...

Rest assured for those who have already purchased from site because they are the type of business who can respond immediately when requested by anything from the public. And also, with their consideration for the problem, they are going to give out a free update of the newest version to get back the original follower counts on twitter.

Rob Reid said...

Hi thanks for your comment.

I have already sent out a new version of the software by email to those people who have bought it.

However if you used a gmail account please be aware that they do not allow people to send .EXE files in .ZIP files and therefore I get bounce backs.

Therefore you will need to contact me with an email address that does support the sending of .ZIP / .EXE files and provide proof of payment e.g the original email you used to pay for it and the PayPal receipt or Authorisation code I would have sent you for downloading it from my site.