Tuesday 30 October 2012

New version of the SEO Twitter Hunter Application

Introducing  version 1.0.4 of the Twitter Hashtag Hunter Application

I have just released the latest version of the popular windows application that is used by SEO experts and tweeters in combination with my Strictly Tweetbot Wordpress plugin to find new @accounts and #hashtags to follow and use.

Version 1.0.4 of the Twitter HashTag Hunter application has the following features:
  • A progress bar to keep you informed of the applications progress in scanning.
  • More detailed error reporting including handling the fail whale e.g 503 service unavailable error.
  • More HTTP status code errors including 400, 404, 403 and the 420 Twitter Scan Rate exceeded limit.
  • Clickable URL's that open the relevant Twitter account or Hash Tag search in your browser.
  • Multiple checks to find the accounts follower numbers to try and future proof the application in case Twitter change their code again.
  • A new settings tab that controls your HTTP request behaviour.
  • The ability to add proxy server details e.g IP address and Port number to scan with.
  • The ability to change your user-agent as well as a random user-agent switcher that picks between multiple agent strings for each HTTP request when a blank user-agent is provided.
  • An HTTP time-out setting to control how long to wait for a response from the API.
  • A setting to specify a wait period in-between scans to prevent rate exceeded errors.
  • A setting to specify a wait period when a "Twitter scan rate exceeded" error does occur.
  • Extra error messages to explain the result of the scan and any problems with the requests or settings.
The main new feature of 1.0.4 is the new settings panel to control your scanning behaviour. This allows you to scan through a proxy server, specify a user-agent, set delay periods in-between scans and the "Twitter Scan Rate exceeded limit" error which occurs if you scan too much.

Changing the Scanner Settings

For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts or just site owners wanting to find out who they should be following and which #hashtags they should be using in their tweets this application is a cheap and useful tool that helps get your social media campaign off the ground by utilising Twitters Search API.

You can download the application from the main website www.strictly-software.com.


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