Tuesday 10 September 2013

New Version of Strictly AutoTags - Version 2.8.6

Strictly Auto Tags 2.8.6 Has Been Released!

Due to the severe lack of donations plus too many broken promises of "I'll pay if you just fix or add this" I am stopping to support the Strictly Auto Tags plugin.

The last free version, 2.8.5 is up on the WordPress repository: wordpress.org/plugins/strictly-autotags

It fixes a number of bugs and adds some new features such as:
  1. Updated storage array to store content between important content, bold, strong, headers and links etc. So they don't get tagged inside e.g put bolded words inside an existing h4 etc. 
  2. Changed storage array to run "RETURN" twice to handle nested code because of previous change.
  3. Fixed bug that wasn't showing the correct value for the minimum number of tags that a post must have before deeplinking to their tag page in admin. 
  4. Fixed bug in admin to allow noise words to have dots in them e.g for links like youtube.com 
  5. Added more default noise words to the list.
  6. Cleaned code that wasn't needed any-more due to changes with the way I handle href/src/title/alt attributes to prevent nested tagging.
  7. Removed unnecessary regular expressions which are not needed now. 
Version 2.8.5 of Strictly AutoTags www.strictly-software.com/plugins/strictly-auto-tags

Is going to be a "donate £40+" and get a copy version.

I am going to be sexing this plugin up into more of an SEO, text spinning, content cleaning, auto-blogging tool full of sex and violence in the future and I am running it on my own sites at the moment to see how well it does.

New features in 2.8.6 include.

Set a minimum length of characters for a tag to be used.

Set equivalent words to be used as tags. I have devised a "mark up" code for doing this which will allow you to add as many tag equivalents as you want. For example this is a cut down current version from one of my sites to show you an example using Edward Snowden (very topical at the moment!).

[NSA,Snowden,Prism,GCHQ]=[Police State]|[Snowden,Prism]=[Edward Snowden]|[Prism,XKeyscore,NSA Spying,NSA Internet surveillance]=[Internet Surveillance]|[TRAPWIRE,GCHQ,NSA Spying,Internet surveillance,XKeyscore,PRISM]=[Privacy]|[Snowden,Julian Assange,Bradley Manning,Sibel Edmonds,Thomas Drake]=[Whistleblower]

As you can see from that example you can use the same words multiple times and give them equivalent tags to use. So if the word Snowden appears a lot I will also tag the word "Police State", "Edward Snowden", "Whistleblower" as well as Snowden.

This feature is designed so that you can use related words as tags that maybe more relevant to peoples searches. 

I also have added a feature to convert textual links that may appear from importing or scraping into real links for example www.strictly-software.com will become a real link to that domain e.g http://www.strictly-software.com.

I have added the new attributes data and their derivatives e.g data-description or data-image-description , basically anything that has data- at the front of it, into my list of attributes to store and then replace after auto-tagging to prevent nested tags being added inside them.

I will be extending this plugin lots in the future but only people prepared to pay for it will be able to get the goodies. I am so fed up of open-source coding there is little point in me carrying on working my ass off for free for other peoples benefit any more.

If you want a copy email me and then I will respond.

You can then donate me the money and I will send you a unique copy.

Any re-distribution of the code will mean hacks, DDOS, viruses from hell and Trojans coming out your ass for years!

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