Thursday 22 May 2014

Strictly AutoTags Fit For WordPress version 3.9.1

Strictly AutoTags Fit For WordPress version 3.9.1

By Strictly-Software

A couple of posts ago I told my users of my plugin that they should be careful if upgrading to WordPress version 3.9.1 as they have totally re-written their core database file wpdb.php to handle a newer format for MySQL queries MySQLi.

They have also added in some good functionality such as their own version for my own fix for their "MySQL Server has gone away" error which just loops for 5 times while trying to re-connect to the database if the connection has been lost. Almost an exact copy of my own idea!

Anyway I was a bit wary about the change but after going over the code in the file I can see they have branched everything out so that if your plugin is still using the older MySQL code-base it will still work.

Basically anything to do with MySQL has an IF statement to check whether the user is using mysqli or not. If not they still run with the older version of the code.

Therefore after a slight issue yesterday which you can read about here: WordPress Forum where a user who was using BOTH Strictly AutoTags AND Strictly TweetBOT ran into an error with JUST the TweetBOT plugin.

There was no mention of Strictly AutoTags which I guess he would have mentioned as he said in the first line he was using BOTH the plugins and the two were working in conjunction with each other. Therefore after some scanning of the code I am 99% sure there isn't a problem with the code and it would be safe to do an update to WordPress 3.9.1.

The issue yesterday was that WordPress had extended their Prepare function so that it ran a test to see if any % signs existed in the SQL statement it raised an error if they didn't. Why they did this I don't know but I removed the prepare function from the offending SQL statement and now Strictly TweetBot works fine with WordPress 3.9.1.

Also I notice in the main section of the plugin page people have put in the compatibility box that it DOES work with version 3.9.1 of the WordPress codebase so if it doesn't someone (or lots of people) are lying!

By the way you can now also buy the premium version of my plugin on if you so wish as I setup a shop yesterday. I have already added more products including digital vouchers that will enable you to let me configure your own sites for the best use of my plugins as well as for SEO, security and much more.

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Anyway I thought I better let you know in case you were holding off upgrading your WordPress core code base.

In any case (as I do with any big backup - and as WordPress advice) I would backup the files and the database just in case (especially the /wp-includes/wpdb.php file) and if anything goes wrong let me know either here on the blog or on the WordPress support forum.



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