Wednesday 14 January 2015



By Strictly-Software

My Etsy shop is OPEN again - if you run a WordPress site and want some tools to automate your system then check out:

I didn't know the items in my shop EXPIRED after so long so the shop was empty to viewers for the last month and a bit but now you can buy your tools from etsy or my own site for plugins: (please click on some adverts and help me raise some cash)

Also my facebook page: has information about these tools that you should read if you have purchased any of them.

It has help articles, guides on support, possible issues and fixes and much more - feel free to comment and like the page!

The basic idea behind these plugins is:

Run a site all year, 24/7 without having to do anything apart from some regular maintenance like cleaning tags that are not used very much and OPTIMIZING your database table.

So an RSS / XML feed contains your content (e.g news about something) and this goes into WordPress at scheduled times (Cron jobs or WebCrob jobs) using WordPress plugins like RSSFeeder or WP-O-Matic then as the articles are saved Strictly AutoTags adds the most relevant tags to it by using simple pattern matching like finding the most frequently used "important" words in the article e.g words in the Title, Headers, Strong tags or just Capitalised Words such as names like John Smith.

This means if John Smith became famous over night you wouldn't have to add a manual tag in for him or wait for a 3rd party plugin to add in the word to their own database so that it can be used.

Then once your article is tagged. You can choose to have the most popular tags converted into links to tag pages (pages containing other articles with the same tag) or just bold them for SEO - or do nothing.

You can set certain tags to be "TOP TAGS" which will rank them higher than all other tags. These should be tags related to your site e.g a bit like the old META Keywords.

You can also clean up old HTML, convert text tags to real clickable ones and set up a system where if a tag such as ISIS is found the tag Middle East is used instead. This is all explained on the Strictly AutoTags page on my site.

Then if you also purchase Strictly Tweet BOT PRO as well you can use those new post tags as #hashtags in your tweets and you can set your system up to either tweet to multiple twitter accounts with different formats and tags or tweet to the same account with different wording dependant on the wording in your article.

E.G if your article was about the Middle East wars you could say only post the Tweet if the article contains this word "Middle East" OR "Syria" or you could say only post if it contains the words "ISIS" AND "War".

The TweetBOT then lets you ensure the post is cached (if you are using a WordPress Caching System) by making it live first and making an HTTP request to it so it gets cached. Then it waits a custom defined number of seconds before any Tweets are sent out.

You can then specify a number of seconds between each Tweet that is sent out to prevent Twitter Rushes e.g. Where 50 BOTS all hit your site at the same time.

You can ensure no Tweets are sent out if they contain certain words, add tracking links e.g Google before the link is minimised by

A simple PIN number process lets you connect your Twitter Account to your TweetBOT Account.

A dashboard keeps you informed of recent Tweets sent out, any errors from Twitter like "duplicate tweet", or if your account isn't working.

Plus a test button lets you test the system without sending a Tweet by taking the last post, running your settings through it such as shortening the link and post and checking all Twitter accounts are working and connected properly.

If you then link your Twitter account up to your Facebook page like I have with my Horse Racing site and my Twitter account @ukhorseracetips with my Facebook page you get social media and SEO impact for free!

Check out the new live shop on Etsy for plugins and coupons if you need me to set the plugin up for your site:

You may need help due to your sites special settings or requirements so a coupon will let you help you set it up correctly for you.

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