Tuesday 4 August 2015

Turning off Windows 10 Privacy Features

Turning off Windows 10 Privacy Features

By Strictly-Software 

If you are like me and on Windows 8.1 then you will probably be constantly bombarded by messages from Microsoft about how you can obtain a free upgrade to Windows 10.

However before you upgrade you should beware of all the security and privacy concerns people have about this operation system.

With a little research it is well known that Microsoft have a close relationship with the US security services such as the CIA / NSA.

They have even bought up businesses such as Skype to prevent having to hack in back doors when they can instead have a wide open front door for all your personnal traffic, calls and texts.

As the video states.

This is a quick guide to fixing privacy concerns in Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. 

The default settings and applications with Windows 10 have numerous security flaws, privacy problems, keystroke monitors installed and turned on by default.

This guide will help you fix the problems in a simple way.

Be sure to read this article as it will explain all the security holes in detail if you want more information on what Microsoft are monitoring and why.

However this quick overview video should help you on the way.

By Strictly-Software

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