Saturday 24 July 2021

Do Not Be Scared!!!

Main Site And Tools Still Running For Now

By Strictly-Software

Just to let you know that the main site with all the tools such as the:

  • Best JavaScript HTML Encoder & Decoder available, handles double encoding, numeric or entity.
  • Depacking packed code, even if it's been packed multiple times and reformatting it to a readable state.
  • My top WordPress Strictly-AutoTags plugin (Free/Professional), which gives you automated #SEO, deep-linking, and automatic tagging of important words with no 3rd party lookups. No need to check a list of names, if John Smith carries out a wicked crime tonight that is in articles you post automatically then it will find the word and bold it to aid SEO.
  • My top WordPress Strictly-TweetBot plugin, that allows you to tweet to multiple accounts, only if certain words are found in an article OR NOT, using different hash tags made up from either #posttags #categories or #default tags. The professional version has a way of caching the page first before Tweeting so that you are not overwhelmed by any Twitter Rush when you Tweet. Timers can be placed between each Tweet out as well.
  • Lots of free scripts and code that fix holes in frameworks like jQuery.
  • SQL Performance scripts and tuning procedures.
  • Plus lots lots more....
Is still working and you CAN STILL ACCESS IT......

All that has happened is that I can no longer can access the server, due to new security on the site that hosts it. They have added an extra layer of security in which sends an email out to an address I have no access to requesting the code they sent out to be entered on their site to get in. Therefore I cannot get into the servers site, to then use their Java applet to get into the server to add my ever changing IPv4 address to the firewall.

Therefore when you try and go to you will probably see some sort of warning message from your browser like the one shown in the picture below. It will say the site is not secure and hackers maybe trying to steal your data - that is rubbish. 

All that has happened is that due to not being able to renew my SSL certificate, the site is no longer https, no-one is trying to steal your data. I just have not been able to put an SSL on my webserver.

So ignore the message, hit "Advanced", then you should see a "Proceed To Site" link underneath, click that and you can still access the site for now.

Here are two examples, one from Brave/Chrome, the other Opera.

Chrome trying to block access to the site

Opera trying to block access, click the bottom link to get to the site

So no-one is trying to hack you or steal your information, just go to "Advanced" and then click the "Proceed to" link.

All I would suggest is if you are going to buy one of my top WordPress plugins that you do NOT use a PUBLIC WIFI SPOT. 

Do it at home, use a VPN if you can, but do NOT do it at as you are walking down the street being connected and re-connected to various BT public WIFI hotspots

I am sure 99% of them are safe as the users have no technical knowledge to set up their own DNS server and take you somewhere else other than my site, but just to be safe do it at HOME or on a PRIVATE network.

Hope this helps anyone trying to get to the main site.

By Strictly-Software

© 2021 Strictly-Software

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Nick Collins said...

Thanks for explaining what was going on, I thought due to the browser warnings there was some sort of security issue but I hit advanced and went to your plugin site and the payment was carried out on Paypal which is locked (key) and https so everything was fine. By the way for a plugin you have no updated for years it is still one of the best tagging plugins I have used. Thanks!