Thursday 28 October 2021

Need Help Editing Your Blogger Blog?

Do You Need Help Editing Your Blogger Site

By Strictly-Software

After my last post about editing blogger blogs using JavaScript on the client side due to the lack of functionality in the back end of the admin side of blogger I was contacted by a couple of people who needed help on their blogs.

I have implemented features such as the following using the JavaScript/Text widgets that you can add to your layout for adding CSS Styles and JavaScript code to do the following so far:

1. Added the code I use to turn my SEO optimisation on or off. In my sidebar there is a section where you can turn bolded sentences or words off and on again. Some people like having the bold on as it holds the key information in a blog piece and helps with skim reading. However as it is loaded server side to aid SEO, I can turn it off with client side JavaScript either on each page or by using cookies to remember your choice when doing so that when you come back the next time it will have remembered your choice.

2. Used JavaScript to totally change a blogs colour scheme from a default light grey to a dark blue and white scheme. Similar to using the JavaScript widgets but with a bit more code and use of the querySelector and querySelectorAll methods and then looping through matching elements to change their colours using .style.backgroundColor & .style.color methods.

3. Again changed the layout of the blog by expanding buttons that were too small on search bars, adding in custom search engines that only search certain sites, usually related blogs or sites about the same content that the blog in question was about.

4. Ensured Google Adsense was enabled and turned on in the best way to increase revenue streams from visitors to the site.

5. For a blog that was hotlinking to a site that had no SSL anymore to display images. I obtained the original image and uploaded into Blogger so that it was stored IN the blog and referenced from there. People are often put off sites with no HTTPS URL such as my own, purely due to Browser warning pages that believe every site nowadays needs to have an SSL.

Well if you are not actually buying anything or logging into the site or passing personal information to it e.g it's just a blog or site with text and pictures you are reading then there is really no danger at all from going to the uncertified site. 

Just click Advanced and then "Go To Site Anyway" or the comparable message. You can check this out by going to my own site, however I have found the if you use BRAVE as your browser it or either one of the following extensions remembers that you have gone there and prevents the same MalwareBytes Browser Guardwarning page from showing: or DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials.

You can check 2 of these sites out here:

And check out the changes and features for yourself.

If you are interested in getting some widgets added to your own Blogger site then contact me by email and we can work out a price for the work. There is a lot we can do client side with JavaScript to replace the lack of functionality the old Blogger system had for changing layout and colours etc on the page loading.

By Strictly-Software

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