Sunday 28 March 2010

Turn one Google Mail account into many

Multiplying your GMail Account to create multiple email addresses

I just come across a wonderful tip that allowed me to bypass the rule on Twitter that prevents you from using an email address for more than one account. You may have tried this yourself and found that if you try to create a new Twitter account with an email address assigned to another Twitter account you won't be able to.

Obviously there are good reasons for this e.g to prevent spam bots and auto sign up tools etc etc. However if you don't have multiple email accounts at the ready and don't fancy setting up a new one just to get round this problem then the answer lies in GMail.

Apparently its possible to add dots to your GMail address to make a unique email address in the eyes of Twitter or anyone else who sees the address. However GMail will treat it as one account no matter how many variations you use.

For example using an address like

I could create the following aliases that would all be forwarding addresses for my underlying account:

So in the eyes of Twitter or any other website that requires an email address when signing up they are all unique addresses. However any email sent to these addresses would all appear in

This is a neat trick that helped me get round Twitters sign up form and I will sure be using it in future.

For more details read the following links:

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