Thursday 24 July 2014

Customer Reviews of Strictly AutoTags version 2.9.7

Custom Reviews of Strictly AutoTags version 2.9.7

Here is what people are saying about it!

By Strictly-Software

The new PRO version of Strictly AutoTags is out version 2.9.7 which you can buy for merely £40 from either my site: or on

With I have to constantly check an old email account OR the site for sales or messages.

Sometimes this can cause issues if you are using Etsy's own message system as I don't get the messages straight away as they don't email to my main account so I won't know about them.

If you are going to buy the plugin I would prefer you did it from my own site: as I get notified straight away. Plus if there are any problems I can help solve them ASAP.

If you cannot find my email address or the contact link doesn't work you can always email me at Email me,

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Reviews of Strictly AutoTags

Here are what some of the people who have used my plugin have said about it. Just a quick Google Search will give you more than enough sites talking about it. Here are some of the best reviews.

Manage Your WordPress Tags with Strictly Auto Tags
Tagging was such a chore for me before that I am going to get the paid version of Rob’s Strictly Auto Tags plugin so I can run it with all the extra features and avoid the tagging problems which caused me to get rid of them all before. I did find tags to be a good thing and I do see that they add to traffic and the chance for my blog posts to be found. So, doing away with tags was a good experiment, but I’m bringing them back now. Very glad to have found a plugin to do a lot of the work for me. Sure, I could have ignored all the past posts and just started tagging from here, but that would bug me. I am a bit all or nothing in that way.

I'm so happy I received the paid version. It was a giant goof up and neither of our faults :(.
WOW is all I can say, the extra features in the paid version are just, GREAT!
If you like the free plugin, you will LOVE the paid version!
Dugg Brown

From BlackHatWorld
This is from a forum about the best tagging plugin to use in WordPress.

Best one is "Strictly auto tags"
Works just like a charm and its hell simple to use.

I find 'strictly auto tags' better than simple or tagpig. Fast and superefficient.

I am using two plugins at same time. Auto tag plugin and strictly auto tag plugin. I have set some fixed number of tags from both...Auto tag plugin is good as it fetch some keywords from Yahoo and tagthenet while strictly auto tag is really cool...once you will will love it...

From the BlackHatSEO Forum

I need to start out by saying that no automated tool is going to be able to match the abilities of a good editor or content architect. There are tools, however, that will help streamline the process and take a large amount of that potentially heavy load off your back.
My go to solution for this scenario is the Strictly Auto Tags plugin.
Geoffrey Fortier

WordPress Reviews on Strictly AutoTags
Simple, Powerful and Effective... a MUST have!!!
I love how easy it is to auto-generate relevant tags on all posts or just the ones that are not tagged already.
There are some valuable options in the settings area to fine-tune what you want the plugin to do for your particular site. Great work!
I wish more free plugins were this powerful and effective at doing what they are designed to do.
By lazy_sunday, January 30, 2013 for WP 3.5

Great Tagging Plugin
Am using this on a sports site and it's picking out player names, team names, organisations etc no problems.

By VATCalculatorPlus, May 22, 2014

Great plugin 
it does what it says. 
thanks for such a nice plugin for tagging... 
By anuragk098, October 28, 2013 for WP 3.7                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
User Friendly
User friendly, save lot of time, Increase SEO,INCREASE TRAFFIC
By muqeetsoomro, May 4, 2013

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Now you have seen some of my reviews I hope that will ease your mind about the quality of the plugin, it's usefulness and ability to increase your sites SEO.

However when used in conjunction with another one of my PRO plugins, Strictly TweetBOT, which has automatic configuration so that the Strictly TweetBOT plugin is linked to the latest edition of Strictly AutoTags.

This means that when a post is being tagged no tweets are sent until the tagging is completed so that post tags and categories are available to be used as #hashtags in your tweets!

The PRO TweetBOT version has an option to disable this auto configuration feature so that tweets are send out immediately after an article is posted.

However I don't recommend turning this on unless you are having problems and are willing to always use default hashtags within your tweets.

I use these two plugins in conjunction with each other on sll my sites and with the new PRO Strictly TweetBot's delay options you can now put your new post into a caching plugin and stagger out your tweets to prevent Twitter Rushes.

With the great dashboard feature and "Test Configuration" option it really is a great tool for autobloggers and when used in conjunction with Strictly AutoTags it makes AutoBlogging a great way to make your site look like it has regulatr unique content as well as unique tweets with relevant #hashtags.

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