Tuesday 5 August 2014

Cloudlfare SmartErrors Causes 404 Errors On WordPress Plugin Updates

Cloudlfare's SmartErrors Causes 404 Errors On WordPress Plugin Updates

By Strictly-Software

The other week I wrote a message on the forum on WordPress about an error I was getting when I tried to do an automatic plugin update from one of my sites: Getting A 404 When I Try To Auto Update A Plugin.

The question was:

I am using the latest software and I haven't had to update a plugin for a while now but tonight I noticed Jetpack was out of date on one site and not on another (both on same server, same plugins and behind CloudFlare with WP Super Cache - which has been having issues lately??)
Anyway when I try to auto update a plugin on this one site the following happens.
1. The password field is full to the brim with *********** on my other site I just have the same number of **** as the word beneath it (inspect and change type="password" to "text" to prove it.
2. When I hit update it goes straight to a /404 page e.g mysite.com/404
3. It then shows a greenish page that says "sorry we couldn't find what you were looking for" here are some suggestions. A cloudflare page.
4. I have asked Cloudflare about this but I have had problems before with Omnisearch being enabled causing similar issues and also I cannot use any JetPack stats as the URL /wp-admin/admin.php?page=stats just takes me to WP-O-Matics dashboard.
I have checked WP-O-Matics source code and CANNOT see anything about going to that URL.
Is this to do with something WP has done or Cloudflare or both. The password box full to the brim with ****** on one site but not the other suggest something with WP is going on.
Thanks for your help

Now that I have just gone through Cloudflares settings to check what I had on I have realised that the site I didn't have the problem on (also behind Cloudflare) didn't have SmartErrors enabled.

The site that didn't let me auto update plugins from Wordpress DID have SmartErrors enabled.

I disabled the SmartErrors app and then tried an auto update on the broken site. It worked!

So that is the cause of any problems you may get if you try and update your plugins from within WordPress and get a /404 error and a greenish Clouflare page with some links to other pages.

I don't know if it's a Cloudflare issue or a WP issue but if SmartErrors are on it's an issue!

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