Friday 27 February 2015

What Do You Want To See In The Next Version Of Strictly AutoTags

What Do You Want To See In The Next Version Of Strictly AutoTags

By Strictly-Software

Hello, this post is to ask my users of  the paid for version of my plugin, Strictly AutoTags what features they would like to see in the next version.

What would make you spend another £40 to get a new version of the code?

Here are some ideas I am thinking about but I welcome comments. You are the buyers so you know what would make it better or which bugs need fixing better than me.

My Thoughts On Options

One option is to add the title of the article into any links converted from plain text into clickable links - good for SEO.

Also an "Auto Categorisation" feature. So not only Auto Tagging but Auto Categorisation.

This would be done through boxes that you could add to the admin form one by one.

One to hold a number of words, the other a number/count of words that needed to be matched, the other a category.

So the logic would be that if the number of words specified in the box, e.g 5 words related to terrorism, al-Qaeda, ISIL, ISIS, Jihad John, Islamic State, then the category "Terrorism" is added to the post

A "limit" to the number of tags you can have. Once this limit is reached no new tags are added OR you could specify that the auto clean function is run so tags with less than 2 posts using them are removed and then tagging can continue.

A similar option for when for when the tagging stops working for no apparent reason. This may just be me as no-one has complained about it. However it does happen on my sites with 25,000+ tags. Usually after an update of WordPress or Jetpack plugin code.

Personally a re-save of my admin settings or a clean out of old tags seems to fix this for me.

So a CRON job feature to run regularly and check for recent non tagged posts and then these articles are re-tagged.

Or an auto memory manager feature, a bit like my Strictly Sitemap plugin, which checks the amount of memory used on the last posting and keeps setting the memory to the right size on each post e.g the last size + 10%, or if it goes down, the last size used. Or allow you to specify an amount to be set in admin.

Tell me which feature you like or would like to see in the next Strictly-Software AutoTags plugin!

You can let me know here or on my Facebook page at


Unknown said...

Love the plugin - just installed it, retagged, and it's great, especially as the plugin I used to use (won't name) is no longer supported.

I'm a little baffled by some tags which aren't selected and I had to manually add, as they seemed like obvious candidates. It made me thing (and this may already be there in the plugin - apologies if that's the case) that it would be useful to have a tag whitelist - tags that I want to maintain when I go through and do a full retagging exercise. Almost the opposite of the Noise words.

Rob Reid said...


Have you tried putting your top tags, the ones your site is aimed at (SEO), in the top tags section?

Also words inside bolded tags (strong/B/I/EM) etc would be ranked higher than others.

Also add manually the tags you want your site to use in to the post tags section as they will be used as well as if you turn on "auto discovery".

Remember words with noise words in them like King Of The Hill won't get added if Of and The are in the noise word list.