Tuesday 7 May 2013

Internet Explorer virus used to attack US nuclear weapons researchers

Internet Explorer virus used to attack US nuclear weapons

By Dark Politricks

From the popular alternative news site darkpolitricks.com comes the news that the "most popular browser in the USA - yes IE 8!" has been used by hackers to infiltrate US nuclear weapon researchers computers in America.

Apparently zero day exploits were used, as well as a virus on a popular website frequented by members of the nuclear weapons industry.

The hack was only discovered after an unknown number of computers became infected with a backdoor Trojan that was reportedly installed on the machines of web surfers who used IE 8 to navigate to a specific page on the US Department of Labor website.

"The Department of Labor site was rigged to redirect users to another site that infected computers with an iteration of the infamous "Poison Ivy" Trojan, which was able to avoid detection by all but two major anti-virus products,” Ben Weitzenkorn wrote Monday for TechNews Daily."
According to Microsoft, "The vulnerability may corrupt memory in a way that could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code in the context of the current user within Internet Explorer."

Why IE 8 is still the most popular browser in the USA I have no idea. Have they not heard of Chrome, FireFox or even IE 9?

We all know IE 6 was a danger to itself, it's users and everyone else around it.

This was due to the severe amount of security holes in the code and the large number of hacks that had to be used to make websites work in it. This was both by CSS designers and JavaScript developers who had to come up with the many frameworks we are now left with. All just to make a standards compliant webpage work in IE and normal browsers.

Just think if it wasn't for IE 5 and IE 6 we probably would have never even heard of jQuery, Prototype, addEvent functions and hacks to get uncommon browsers working on your PC like window.opera and user-agents that are so full of shit they have lost all meaning to anyone.

You can view the full article US nuclear weapons researchers targeted with Internet Explorer virus at the popular #altnews site darkpolitricks.com.

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