Saturday 18 May 2013

Why I hate the new Google+ API

I absolutely hate the new Google+ API

Yes Google+ have had a revamp and if you are not on it then you won't know what the old version was like if you now join.

To me it's as if someone has read too many books on the jQuery effects library and basically orgasmed code across the API.

If you go to type a new status message into a box the whole page shifts round so that your box moves to the centre of the screen and the rest of the messages and segments of the page do a little jig around it so that you are supposed to go "wow".

Not me. Too much API Jizz is something I hate. 

Not only does it repeatedly turn my PC into a helicopter as the CPU rises and falls like a coke head on the lash but it just is too much for my ageing eyes.

It really seems to me as if someone is showing off by writing their "funky" API code. Hey boss look what I can do with a shit load of JavaScript that takes ages for all the page segments to load but makes non techies go "oooh" as they see it in action.

Whilst an API should be friendly and easy to use there is nothing "useful" about the whole screen moving around just so your current type box is in the middle of the screen.

Why not just put the "new message" box in the middle to start with?

Not only that but the amount of times I go to reply to a conversation down the right hand side and someone I have never seen before pops up in a box on top of the place I am trying to write is beyond annoying.

It means not only can I hit the send button but sometimes if I can find a way to get rid of the annoying box (and that's not 100% of the time) the message I was writing disappears!

I know writing the whole page in JavaScript stops (or limits script kiddy's) from scraping easily but there really is a limit. Personally I just think Google+ have crossed it and that there was nothing too wrong with their old API.

What do you think?

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Dave Andrews said...

Your right, I think it's an eyesore - gives me a headache just looking at it.